Save money in January and avoid loans

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Is your finances all the way? Read here how to get through January without a loan!

It is typical in January that all major bills have to be paid, such as electricity and insurance. It can therefore also be difficult to get the money out of January, and it may be tempting to take a loan to pay the bills. However, it is possible to come through January without a loan – we will guide you to how!

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Buy items on sale only

You do not have to cut down on your consumption to survive January without a loan. In the first month of the year there are sales in virtually all stores. Take advantage of this and buy only items that are on sale. Really many things are set at half price and therefore there can be a lot of money to save.

If you have Christmas presents to be exchanged, it’s also a good idea to wait until January to do it. It is true that if you trade a product that has been offered afterwards you have the right to get the difference paid or to buy new items for the amount your Christmas cost when purchased at the store.

Clean up and sell out

We are still riding a recycle wave, where it is considered smart to buy used. Therefore, there is also a large market for the sale of used items. Clear in your wardrobe and your nipsting – for what does not matter to you anymore, you can easily make a lot of pleasure with someone else.

You can sell your stuff on websites like and or through social media such as Instagram and Facebook. It is also an option to rent a stand on a flea market and sell out of your stuff there. You can check current flea markets at

Go to the restaurant and in the cinema … at home!

Image result for avoid loanEven though January is a month when the money is small for a lot of people, it does not have to be a boring month without experiences. It’s expensive to go to the restaurant and in the cinema, but why not do it at home instead of out? It’s much more intimate and it costs a lot less money!

Plan a delicious dinner where you cook a bit of cooking and table cover. Try a new recipe, serve the food in dishes and bowls and cover up nicely with napkins and candles – it almost feels like being at the restaurant.

You can also arrange a home movie with movies, candy and enjoyment. Find a good movie on Netflix, HBO or an entire third streaming service. Mix sweets in the nearest candy store or supermarket and find duvets and pillows. You will find that it is actually as cozy as it is to go to the cinema!

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