Month: January 2019

Mortgage loans can lower the risk in the assets

How can mortgages lower risk and perhaps give you a profit and a tax advantage if interest rates rise? You can read about this in this blog. Low interest rates increase your risk Interest rates have been very low in recent years. Although the US National Bank has raised interest rates recently, interest rates are […]


Declaration on expensive mortgage loans

Expensive mortgage loans. Can expensive mortgage credit abroad justify price increases in Denmark? Can it pay to change a mortgage company? This blog is based on last week’s blog Therefore you pay too much for your mortgage loan . Here I looked at the paradox that mortgage companies can raise prices, especially for floating-rate loans […]


The price increases for mortgage loans continue

Lack of competition on mortgage loans makes it easy to raise prices. New law on mortgage credit does not change this. Expect that the price increases for mortgage loans will continue. Over the past 5-6 years, mortgage companies have raised their prices significantly. For some types of loans, the price has increased by several hundred […]